AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysswapped done argsHEADmasterErik Winter
8 dayssimple show taskErik Winter
9 daysstarted refactor commandsErik Winter
9 daysfix nextlocalid sort bugErik Winter
10 daysfixed localId bugErik Winter
10 daysadd unique constraintsErik Winter
2021-07-16local idErik Winter
2021-07-11done in mail body formatErik Winter
2021-07-11done commandErik Winter
2021-07-10display uuidErik Winter
2021-07-10mark done in inboxErik Winter
2021-07-09update before installErik Winter
2021-07-09quick new commandErik Winter
2021-07-09tomorrow commandErik Winter
2021-07-09spearated commandsErik Winter
2021-07-09make install-cliErik Winter
2021-07-09remove logger from cli, default config pathErik Winter
2021-07-08local client with sync and todayErik Winter
2021-06-25more renameErik Winter
2021-06-25rename task repositoryErik Winter
2021-06-24more testsErik Winter
2021-06-23split message->task->message chainErik Winter
2021-06-04add test for parsing recurring taskErik Winter
2021-05-15fixed today bug in recurErik Winter
2021-05-15moved deploy to scriptErik Winter
2021-05-15new domain in makefileErik Winter
2021-05-15deploy service targetErik Winter
2021-05-15mutex for processesErik Winter
2021-05-15moved configuration to fileErik Winter
2021-05-15imap daemonErik Winter
2021-05-13update import pathsErik Winter
2021-05-11project overview docErik Winter
2021-03-09text editErik Winter
2021-03-09license and readmeErik Winter
2021-03-03fix overflow bug with adding monthsErik Winter
2021-02-09fix end sprint calculationErik Winter
2021-02-05run clenupo only when neededErik Winter
2021-02-05generate recurring days in the futureErik Winter
2021-02-03monthly recur fixErik Winter
2021-02-03recur every n monthsErik Winter
2021-02-03every n weeks recurrerErik Winter
2021-02-02multiple days in weekly recurErik Winter
2021-02-01more date namesErik Winter
2021-02-01change timezone format of added messagesErik Winter
2021-02-01parse only action from subjectErik Winter
2021-02-01date parse tweaksErik Winter
2021-01-31makefile with deploy, actions and projects to lowercaseErik Winter
2021-01-31version 0.1Erik Winter
2021-01-31recur daily, weekly, biweeklyErik Winter
2021-01-31recurring prototypeErik Winter